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  • Ellab Wireless Data Logger


    The TrackSense® wireless data loggers are the most complete validation solution available today. With a wide range of measuring parameters, Ellab’s data loggers are ideal for most applications.

  • LyoPro Wireless Data Logger for freeze dryer


    All the Measuring Points You’ll Need
    Covering your entire freezer dryer with the required measurements points is easily achievable with TrackSense LyoPro. If needed, multiple access points can be connected, providing coverage for larger areas. While on a wireless live connection, up to 100 data loggers can be run simultaneously in a single study – ensuring that you will never have to split-up your studies.

  • TrackSense Frigo Wireless Data Logger


    + For ultra-cold applications
    + Integrated Sensor
    + Large battery for extended time periods
    + LED light option
    + Temperature range from: -90°C to +85°C
    Use the TrackSense Frigo data logger with:
    + Multi Reader Station for easy readings
    + ValSuite Software for analyzing and reporting

  • TrackSense Pro Wireless Data Loggers


    The TrackSense Pro 3rd Generation data loggers with interchangeable sensors, are a durable, smart, accurate and highly flexible system used for measuring temperature, pressure, humidity, conductivity, CO2, vacuum and steam penetration.

    The TrackSense Pro wireless data logger solution is ultimately configured for the user, by combining the appropriate logger with the selected interchangeable sensor.

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